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11th Annual Pottery Tour & Sale :: July 29th & 30th, 2017, 10am-5pm. Back Roads :: Summertime :: Great Pots

We are holding a series of short demonstrations at most of the studio stops.
We will have the same schedule on Saturday and Sunday, and two events will run simultaneously most of the day.
We hope you enjoy them!

10:00 am
At Hiroshi Nakayama's studio:

Washington Ledesma: Hand Building A Bird

10:00 am
At Maya Machin's studio:

Thowing Off The Hump: Creating Sets
11:30 am
At Eric Smith's studio:

Jeffrey Lipton and Eric Smith:
Multiple forms of Decoration - Slipping, Layering,
Trailing, Painting, and Latex Resist
11:30 am
At Mark Shapiro's studio:

Saturday - Steve Theberge: Throwing Ritual Vessels

Sunday - Holly Walker: Production Pinch Pottery
1:00 pm
At Christy Knox's studio:

Saturday - Christy Knox: Hand Building Using Slump Molds

Sunday - Lisa Howard: Slip Decoration with
Colored Slips Using Brushing and Trailing Techniques
1:00 pm
At Sam Taylor's studio:

Michael McCarthy: Basic Wheel Throwing
2:30 pm

At Robbie Heidinger's studio:

Monoprinting on Clay

2:30 pm

At Connie Talbot's Studio:

Help Put Clay Flesh on the Bones of our Skeleton Athena


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